Making miniature dollhouses is how you do it: 10 practical tips!

Are you ready to embark on a miniature crafting journey? Making Crafts&Co dollhouses can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. From making the Chocolatier Miniature Dollhouse to the Summer House ‘Concerto Bistro’, there are countless ways to customise your dollhouse. But what do you need to know before you start? Here are our tips for you:

  1. Toothpicks are one of the best tools for applying glue when making miniature dollhouses. Using toothpicks, you can easily frame small parts such as doors and windows. They are also ideal for accurately applying glue to details such as paint, decorations and other small accessories added to dollhouses. Also, if your glue bottle is clogged (after temporarily not using it), a toothpick can prevent you from exploding the glue bottle when printing and your workspace is covered in glue.
  2. Lego blocks are a great help in creating perfect 90-degree angles. They can be used to ensure walls and floors are straight once the glue is applied.
  3. Small dispenser bottles with a needle-like tip are a great way to apply glue accurately and precisely. The small bottles are easy to move around, making them perfect for precision work.
  4. Use different types of glue (wood glue for wooden parts; universal glue for paper, E6000 for faster gluing)
  5. Use kneading eraser/play dough to work with beads (e.g. while making flowers);
  6. A smaller bead can be used to secure a stem of the flower, then it can be inserted into a larger bead.
  7. Washi tape can be used to cover the wires in the bulbs.
  8. If there is “water” in the set, it is possible to put transparent glue over it to get a real water effect.
  9. Remember to take breaks and look after your back and eyes. Make sure you have a comfortable chair, good posture and enough light.
  10. A nice tea, a candle and favourite music are also great complements to the process.

Crafting miniature dollhouses can be an incredibly fun hobby, but only if you do it right! With these tips in mind, you should now have everything you need to start this creative hobby. So what are you waiting for, which dollhouse will you get started with? Have fun!