Face & Neck Lifting Massager

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IPL2  Suitable for all body areas including face and Brazilian.

FDA  FDA Approved: completely pain free and safe to use.


Make a difference in no time. Look young and vibrant with this EMS Facial Massager!

This high-quality device is designed to comfortably and effectively massage your face, giving you tighter and more glowing skin. It features a dolphin tail shape that is both exquisite and classic, while its arc shape clings to your neck and body lines.

The massager generates heat which is then sent to every inch of your skin – creating an enjoyable thermal massage. It can help with double chin removal and promote healthy skin. With regular use of this powerful yet gentle massaging tool, you will notice immense improvements in terms of firmness, hydration levels, and overall appearance.

It’s lightweight, portable size makes it easy to store at home or bring with you anywhere.


Name: Neck Beauty Device
Model: ES-081
Material: ABS
Output voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Power: 2.5W
Input voltage: 5V=1A
Size: 89x47x120mm
Auto turn off: about 5 min
Charging time: about 2h

3 Modes:

① Clean mode (CLEAN)
Clean up trash from deep pores to shrink pores, eliminate acne, and solve dull skin.
② EMS mode (EMS)
Effectively stimulate and relax the skin and help skin care product go deeply to keep skin moist.
③ Moist mode (HOT)
Gently awakens and relaxes the skin, helping the skin restore its vitality.

6 Features:

①Positive and negative ions: utilize the principle of the absorption of positive and negative ions to remove the dirt in the deep pores and
thoroughly clean them; through iontophoresis, the beauty ingredients are penetrated into the skin.
②Vibration:use mechanical vibration and voltage stimulation to tighten skin, increase elasticity, and increase metabolism.
③Warm:warm massage promotes absorption, so that wrinklescan be stretched and skin will become fuller.
④Red light: can effectively stimulate the skin, revitalize collagen, improve dark skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
⑤Blue light:It can effectively improve skin problems, reduce acne and pimple and help to kill bacteria. Long term use can make skin rejuvenation and lead to a health skin.
⑥Green light:It can promote the microcirculation of the body surface, dredge lymph and drain swelling.

Package includes:

Neck beauty device*1
USB charging cable*1
User manual*1
Storage bag*1

3 color light

Red light: remove wrinkles, repair damaged skin, proliferate collagen
Blue light: quickly inhibit inflammation and remove acne
Green light: promote the microcirculation of the body surface, dredge lymph and drain swelling

Sonic Vibration

When the head of the device touches the skin, the product will vibrate.

Massage head 45° temperature sense and sonic vibration massage could promote blood circulation and slow down the aging of epidermal cells. It will reduce the appearance of neck lines, reduce puffiness, restore cell elasticity.

lmport essence into skin

Sonic ion help skin better absorb nutrients.

Comprehensive multifunctional care

Reduce neck wrinkles and smooth skin.
Relieve sagging skin on the face and lower forehead.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Anna Campbell

I’ve been using this face & neck beauty device for a couple months now & I really like it. It glides well with the contours of the face & feels great. Consistent use is key to see results with any product really, so stick with it! This product along with my face ice roller are making me feel pampered & glamorous as heck! Lol. #selfcare

Kylie M Sudweeks

Fantastic! Loved it! Recommend to friends ♥️

Samantha Babcock

This was a present for my mum´s 80th birthday. She is using it 3-4 times a week and is seeing some improvement in her skin texture, lines and wrinkles.

Cari D.

I have to say I was a bit sceptical at first, but let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. No joke it feels amazing. You can feel it working. It’s smaller than I expected..impressed. I swear it worked on my first time. Recommended to use on moisturised skin. Would recommend to a friend. �

Irene L.

The best! Gave me a lift a glow and a very youthful appearance! And I love doing it … it’s very relaxing ☺️